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St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner — so check out these 14 creative activities for kids:

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1. Make a St. Patrick’s Day ice melt science experiment filled with a pot of gold and jewels.

To do this fun experiment, you’ll need a mini black pot or kettle, gold coins, gold glitter, jewels, an eyedropper, a squeeze bottle, pennies, a plastic square container, and water.

Make sure that you plan ahead for freezing time, because you’ll need to freeze the items in layers. Freeze the first layer with the kettle (filled with pennies to weigh it down), jewels, gold glitter and more random pennies. Once that’s frozen, add gold coins to the top layer along with more gold glitter and freeze again.

The fun part starts when your kiddos get to use an eyedropper or squeeze bottle to discover all the treasures.

Find full instructions on Little Bins for Little Hands.


2. Create St. Patty’s slime with glitter, clear glue and borax.

To make this glittery green slime, you need clear glue, water, borax, green and gold glitter, and shamrock confetti.

Put ¼ cup of water into two bowls. In one bowl add ¼ cup of clear glue and a sprinkle of glitter and shamrock confetti. In the other bowl, add ¼ teaspoon of borax.

Slowly stir the borax mixture into the glue mixture. Keep stirring until it’s all mixed together and you’re done!

Find full instructions on As The Bunny Hops.


3. Use a Sharpie to make a shamrock cup.

Grab a mug from the dollar store, a green Sharpie, and a clover sticker or decal.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Put the shamrock vinyl or sticker on the mug, and start drawing dots around the perimeter of the decal. Remove the sticker and place mug in the oven for 30 minutes; let cool.

Find full instructions on Mama Cheaps.


4. Repurpose a salad spinner to splatter paint clovers.

Place your shamrock cutout in the salad spinner, and let your kids squeeze on shades of green paint. Let the spinning begin, and watch their faces as they see their creation.

The clover should come out looking like an abstract work of art. Let dry and display!



5. Make a St. Patrick’s Day clover out of buttons and beads.

For this project, you’ll need an 8×8 canvas, green buttons and beads, hot glue gun, scissors, scrap paper, and a pencil.

Stack three pieces of 4×4 paper, fold in half, and cut into a heart shape — you should have three hearts. Arrange the hearts on the canvas so they make a clover, trace the edges, and add a stem to the bottom of the clover.

Start gluing the largest buttons first without going outside of the traced lines. Continue filling in smaller areas with smaller buttons until there are no large open spaces. Fill in empty spaces with hot glue and attach tiny beads.

Find full instructions on Fleece Fun.


6. Create fizzing treasure rocks with baking soda.

Make balls (or shapes using cookie cutters) out of baking soda, food coloring or watercolors, green glitter, and water. Mix all ingredients together and only add enough water so the balls stick together — it should be a little crumbly and dry.

Grab coins or pennies, and form the mixture around them until it holds together. Use a squeeze bottle with vinegar to expose the treasure on the inside!

Find full instructions on Fun At Home With Kids.


7. Put together a “Shamrock Man” out of paper.

You only need green and white paper, glue, scissors, and a marker.

First print out the free large and small shamrock templates and then cut them out. You’ll need one large shamrock and four small ones. Cut four strips of white paper and fold accordion style — making the legs longer than the arms.

From there, glue the legs and arms to the large shamrock, and glue the small shamrocks to both ends of the arms and legs. Cut out two white circles for eyes, then use a black marker to draw a mouth and black circles within the eyes.

Find full instructions on The Resourceful Mama.


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8. Have your kids make a hanging pot of gold out of construction paper.

You’ll need construction paper (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black), scissors, gold glitter, glue, tape, and floss.

Cut thin strips of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple construction paper; loop them into circles, and staple or tape them together to make chain links. Cut out a black pot and handle, then yellow circles for the gold.

Glue the yellow circles together and attach to the back of the black pot. Tape one side of the handle to the back of the pot and loop it through the purple ring.

The last thing you need to do is add some glitter to make the gold really sparkle!

Find full instructions on Crafty Morning.


9. Plant shamrock seeds in a small candy kettle and watch them grow.

All you need are small candy kettles and shamrock seeds (or go the easy route and just dig some up from your backyard).

Plant them in the pot and watch them grow!


10. Create a leprechaun hat with craft sticks.

To make a leprechaun hat, you need craft sticks, glue, black and yellow paper, green paint, and cardstock.

First, glue six craft sticks to cardstock and one craft stick along the bottom as the brim of the hat. Then paint the craft sticks green and let them dry. Cut out a long black piece of paper and a yellow square to make the buckle of the hat.

Find full instructions on The Resourceful Mama.



11. Use green paint to make a handprint four leaf clover.

Use green paint to make a handprint four leaf clover.

To make this four leaf clover, you’ll need a canvas, green paint, and your kiddos’ hands.

Dip their hands in green paint, and make four handprints on the canvas followed by a stem. Simple as that!


12. Make a wearable paper-plate leprechaun mask.

To make this mask, you’ll need a paper plate; green, yellow and black construction paper; orange paint; gold glitter; craft glue; yarn; and scissors.

First, cut out and discard the center of the paper plate. Paint the remaining part orange; let dry. Then, cut the green construction paper into the shape of a hat. Cut a rectangle of black paper for the band and a square of yellow paper for the buckle. For some extra sparkle, add a hint of gold glitter.

From there, glue the hat together, and use the yarn to secure on their head!

Find full instructions on Simply Today Life.


13. Make a pot of gold with watercolor and gold coins.

Gather together heavy watercolor paper, liquid watercolors, black construction paper, plastic gold coins, a paintbrush, glue, and small bowls or cups.

Pour red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet watercolors into separate bowls and then paint a band of each color on the paper.

Cut a pot or kettle out of the black construction paper, and glue it on, along with the gold coins.

Find the full instructions on Love Play and Learn.


14. Repurpose Froot Loops and cotton balls to make a rainbow.

Grab some Fruit Loops, paper, glue, markers or crayons, and cotton balls.

First, use markers or crayons to draw an outline of the rainbow on paper. Cover the lines with glue and then your kids can sort through the Fruit Loops to find the corresponding colors for their rainbow. Once the rainbow is complete, glue cotton balls to the end to create a cloud.

Find full instructions on Growing A Jeweled Rose.


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14 Creative St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids