Knowing about all the best Lowe’s discounts can make a huge difference for your next DIY project. Let’s make sure you know about all the best ways to save money at Lowe’s before your next big trip.

Unfortunately, Lowe’s doesn’t offer senior, AAA, or student discounts. This makes it all the more important to take advantage of these other discounts if you can.


Lowe’s military discount gives you 10% off all your purchases.

The Lowe’s Military Discount Program gives 10% off to all active military members. All you have to do is bring your military ID to the store.

Because Lowe’s military discount is connected to your account, you can take advantage of it online. Create a new Lowe’s account or sign in, confirm your military credentials, and start using it immediately.


Get up to 50% off with Lowe’s Buy in Bulk pricing.

If you’re buying a certain amount of items for your next shopping spree, you can get anywhere from 10 – 30% off over 2,000 different products thanks to Lowe’s Buy in Bulk pricing. Once in a blue moon, you’ll even get up to 50% off.

For example, I recently saw a bulk deal where you can grab Charlotte pipe (reg. $30.56) for $24.45 apiece when you buy 10 or more. Twenty percent off goes a long way for a big project.


Or get 10 – 30% off if you’re spending more than $1,500.

Lowe’s gives special discounts when you spend over $1,500. All you have to do is stop by the Pro desk with your haul and ask them to process the order. You’ll get an answer within minutes and save anywhere from 10 – 30%, depending on what you’re buying.


Take advantage of the Lowe’s employee discount.

Thanks to the Lowe’s Associate Discount Program, employees get 10% off anything in store. Additionally, they get 30% off all the food and drinks sold in store.



Lowe’s discounts can’t be stacked together.

Unfortunately, Lowe’s discounts can’t be combined for an overall lower price. So, that means you can’t use your military discount with your volume discount, for example. Once you make your purchase, the computer applies the highest percent off.



Lowe's Discounts: Everything You Need to Know