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50 Best Things to Sell to Make Money

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Selling things you no longer want or need is one of the easiest ways to make money. There are 300,000 items in the average American home, and many families actually pay monthly for storage units to house their things. Instead of spending money to keep stuff you don’t really want, think about all the things to sell to make money.

There are tons of ways to make money on the side these days, whether you choose to host a garage sale, use resale apps, or list items online. In addition to selling your old things, you can also create and design new items to sell to customers — all from the comfort of your own home. Here are the 50 best things to sell to make money.

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Things to Sell to Make Money That You Have Lying Around the House

a person taking photos of an outfit

1. Clothes

Resale clothing is a billion-dollar industry. Start sorting through your closet and storage bins to see if there’s any clothing you’d like to get rid of. Before you donate items, make a pile of anything that you could sell for cash.

You can sell old clothes at a yard sale or even list them online. Download the Poshmark app to sell some of your gently-used clothes to customers for a great profit. ThredUp is another option to consider since this online consignment store will buy used clothes from you.

2. Toys

One of the easiest things to sell to make money is used toys. They sell well, so long as they still work and are in good condition. Children grow out of toys quickly or just lose interest. You can recoup some of the money you spend originally on the item by selling it to someone else. You can list toys on eBay or even go to a resale store, like Once Upon a Child, that will offer a quote to buy them from you.

Make sure you clean the toy(s) ahead of time and replace any batteries so you can show that they work.

3. Shoes

If you have shoes that are gently worn, consider selling them at a garage sale or online. Kids’ shoes are easy to sell if they’re in good condition since children’s feet grow often. Also, specialty shoes, such as soccer cleats or winter boots, are worth trying to sell when the season is right. These types of shoes can be expensive to buy new, and people will be looking for ways to save.

Don’t forget about sneakers and basketball shoes, too. StockX is a marketplace that will buy certain types of shoes, but only if they’re in pristine condition. Still, if you’ve kept up with a pair of shoes and want to get top dollar for them, you can try selling them to a site like StockX.

4. Furniture

Furniture is another item that is very expensive to buy new. Used couches, chairs, kitchen tables, and desks are all common items to sell. If you have real wood items in your house, such as a dresser, you could make decent money by selling it.

If you don’t have furniture of your own to sell, pick up items on the side of the road that other people have discarded. Fix them up by repainting or reupholstering items to give a fresh new look. Then sell the furniture for a profit.

5. Jewelry

People love buying jewelry, and it’s not that difficult to make on your own if you don’t have any to sell. There are jewelry kits and plenty of supplies at craft stores to help you get creative. You can make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

If you do have some jewelry of your own, you may be able to sell it at a shop that buys baubles and antiques. Cash For Gold USA is another option.

6. Baby Items

Someone is always looking for baby items, so if you have clothes, blankets, toys, and other gadgets, consider selling them if you don’t think you’ll need them again. Stores like Once Upon a Child are a great start, but they may not offer you the best prices. Do some comparison “shopping” on which resale stores offer the most cash to sellers.

Kidizen and ThredUp are also great places to sell clothes. You can list some of your items online if you want to sell them locally. This helps if you’re unloading something like a crib and don’t want to pay for shipping. Just be careful with items like car seats and other gear that can get recalled or become outdated quickly.

7. Unused Gift Cards

Have unused gift cards lying around somewhere? It’s time to clean out your wallet and turn those gift cards into cash. There are plenty of sites that will sell unused gift cards or even partially used gift cards.

Sites like CardCash, Raise, and Card Sale are all great options. These sites buy gift cards from hundreds of different retailers, restaurants, and well-known companies.

8. Old DVDs and CDs

Many people still watch DVDs, while others don’t. If you fall into the latter category and have old movies lying around, sell them to a resale store or online. Decluttr is one site that will buy old movies and other electronics.

Plus, you’ll be surprised at what your local game or video store might want to buy from you. The same goes for CDs. You may not make much, but if you have a huge collection, it can definitely add up. You’ll be ridding yourself of some clutter and freeing up space at home.

9. Video Games and Gaming Consoles

Your old video games could be worth a lot of money. You can sell newer games through Amazon Trade-In where Amazon buys back your used electronics and games. All you have to do is type in the barcode for your item, then see how much Amazon will offer you for it. If you accept their offer, print out Amazon’s free shipping label and send the item in exchange for an Amazon gift card.

For older games and even gaming consoles, try selling these items online or even locally through Facebook marketplace. Older, original game systems are very valuable to collectors.

10. Action Figures and Collectibles

Consider selling some of your old toys or action figures to people who are collectors. Certain Barbie dolls are easily selling for more than $100 on Amazon. Depending on which items you have, you could make a lot of money quickly.

11. Old Cell Phones

You can make money by selling an old cell phone whether it still works or not. This is especially true if you have a smartphone. Both iPhones and Androids can still sell for $100 or more, even if it’s a few models older than the newest version.

For other phones that are several years old or may not work, try Gazelle or Buy Back World. Buy Back World offers instant quotes and has paid out $40 million to sellers.

12. Sports Cards and Memorabilia

Sports cards and sports memorabilia are other things to sell to make money. Ensure the item is something you’re okay parting with, and know it’s perfectly fine to hold onto some of the things that have sentimental value. For the items you are willing to sell, try eBay or selling to a site like

13. Laptop Computer

A basic laptop computer can easily cost anywhere from $700 to well over $1,000. If you have an extra laptop, you can sell it on eBay for extra money. Or if you have a computer that’s lying around and doesn’t work, you can still get paid for it. Electronics stores might buy your device for parts or fix it up. Or you can sell your computer to buyback sites that purchase electronics, such as Decluttr and

14. Sports Equipment

Go through your garage, basement, or storage unit to find sports equipment like balls, helmets, shin guards, a basketball hoop, etc. To sell these items quicker, list them on OfferUp or Sideline Swap.

15. Kitchen Items

When was the last time you decluttered your kitchen? Even though you spend time there daily, your kitchen may be a secret jackpot destination of items you no longer need and can sell for cash. Think of things like small kitchen appliances that still work well, a coffee maker you no longer use, or even an extra Crockpot taking up space.

16. Home Decor

Home decor is another hidden gem when it comes to the best things to sell to make money. Decor is expensive in stores like Hobby Lobby, and people are often looking for a deal. As you change out your old decor and rearrange things in your home, gather up wall hangings, decorative pillows, area rugs, and other trinkets to sell.

17. Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations deserve a separate category because you can make some serious money selling these items. Consider indoor and outdoor decor to maximize your earnings. If you have ornaments, an old artificial tree, or even holiday lights, these can all be great items to sell.

You can also list your outdoor decorations, such as wreaths, light-up figures, and more. Timing is key when selling Christmas decorations, so try to list your items for sale online a few weeks before people start shopping for them in stores.

18. Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment like weights, treadmills, elliptical machines, and even a Peloton bike are items you can sell online for local pickup. You likely won’t be able to sell these items to a fitness center or gym since they will use commercial equipment. Still, those looking to build a home gym would probably love to buy these items used at a discount.

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Other Things to Sell to Make Money That You Have Around the House

A person putting a stack of books into a box

19. Purses

Clean out your closet and try to sell some of the purses you no longer use. If you have designer purses, you can easily sell these for a higher price. Other purses are still a good item to sell, so long as they’re clean and in great condition. Try eBay or Poshmark to sell these accessories.

20. Bikes and Scooters

Bikes and scooters are common things to sell to make money. You can sell bikes that your kids have outgrown or just extra old bikes that have been in your garage for too long. You may be able to get $25 to $50 for a regular bike and a little more for bikes with advanced or specialty features. Don’t forget about scooters. They will likely sell for less, but there are plenty of people looking to buy them.

21. Board Games

Check to make sure your board games have all the pieces before selling them. To get top dollar, try selling them online over a yard sale. You can also find board games for cheap at thrift stores, then resell them online for a higher price. If you come across a special edition board game, like a unique version of Monopoly, you’d be surprised to see how much people will pay to add the game to their collection.

22. Tools

Tools are expensive when bought new. Depending on the task, people may need to get several tools at once, so the cost can add up. If you have old tools lying around that are still usable, try selling them locally or stop by a tool shop to see if they will buy them from you.

23. Cars

Chances are you aren’t selling a car often, but vehicles are still one of the best things to sell for money. Selling your car privately to a buyer will often earn you more than you’d make by trading it in at a dealership. Have a mechanic check your car for any issues first, then list it online with a detailed description and fair price. Use Kelly Blue Book to determine a realistic value for the car.

If you’re really good with fixing cars, try flipping one by buying used vehicles for cheap and cleaning them up to sell.

24. Landscape Equipment

Look through your garage for things to sell to make money. Sell your old lawnmower, weed trimmer, or other landscape equipment locally. If you live in an area that has heavy snowfall during the winter season, selling items like a snowblower could also earn you some money.

Even if you don’t have large landscape equipment, you can still sell smaller items, too, like rakes, shovels, garden boxes, pruners, and more.

25. Musical Instruments

There are entire stores dedicated to selling used musical instruments to customers at a discount. These stores may buy your old instruments, whether it’s a violin, drum set, guitar, or piano. If the instrument has been sitting around the house unused for some time, it may be time to think of selling it to a local instrument store or listing it for sale online.

26. College Textbooks

College textbooks sell well, so long as the book is current and there’s a demand for it. Textbooks for subjects like math, English, biology, and foreign languages could earn you a profit. Sell college textbooks online, on sites like Amazon, Bookscouter, or

27. Formalwear

It may be time to sell those formal outfits, whether it’s a tuxedo, prom dress, or bridesmaid dress. Most formalwear is only worn once for a specific occasion. Then it just takes up space in your closet. The Dress List and Poshmark are great places to sell your formal dresses. You can also try OfferUp or Craigslist.

28. Miscellaneous Unopened Gifts

Most people have at least one or two miscellaneous unopened gifts in their home. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get around to actually opening and using the gift. Odds are, you probably just don’t have a need for it. In this case, it doesn’t hurt to try to sell the gift to someone else. That way, they can use and enjoy it.

29. Luggage

Have old or extra suitcases lying around? You can make some quick cash just by listing them for sale online. Many people buy suitcases that are used but still in mint condition. Some used suitcase sets are sold for $25 to $55. So if you see any suitcases at your local thrift store, this could be a great item to buy for cheap to clean up, then resell online for a profit.

30. Stuffed Animals

If you have too many stuffed animals around the house, try selling them on Facebook Marketplace. People buy stuffed animals for their kids or to decorate their baby’s room. You can earn more money if you sell stuffed animals that represent popular characters, like from Disney movies or well-known cartoons.

31. Rent Out Your Space

Use Airbnb to rent out a spare bedroom for extra income each month. You can set available dates for people to book based on your schedule and preference. Airbnb also lets you set your own price when you create your listing. Head to the website and check to see an estimate of how much you can earn by renting out your home in your city.

Also, Airbnb pays locals to offer unique experiences so you can make money by offering a class or tour as well.

32. Rent Out Your Baby Gear

Instead of selling your baby stuff, you can also rent it out through a service called Baby Quip. Baby Quip helps you connect with travelers who need to borrow baby items like a crib, stroller, or car seat. You can set daily rental fees for your items and earn money consistently over time.

33. Appliances

If you know how to repair appliances, make money by selling used small and large appliances. This is a business idea you can start on the side or even scale up to full-time if you can find the inventory. You’ll just need to rent a small shop to hold these items. Then promote your business online and locally to bring in customers.

34. Halloween Costumes

If you can’t reuse any of your old Halloween costumes, try reselling them online. Parents look for kids’ costumes as early as August and September. Also, if you have adult costumes, these would be great things to sell to make money. Think about listing some costumes for sale right after Halloween as well, since some people may be looking to save money on next year’s look.

35. Wedding Decor

It’s okay to keep some of your wedding decor for sentimental reasons. For everything else, consider selling it. Sell things like vases and table decor, artificial flowers, cake toppers, fabrics, and other supplies. List your wedding decor on eBay or on sites like Wedzee or Wedding Recycle.

36. Firewood

Have extra firewood on your property, or do you know a way to get free firewood through friends or work? Selling firewood is super easy because there’s already a huge customer base in need of it. You can even sell bundles of firewood and wood scraps on Etsy.

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Things to Sell That You Create

A person taking a photo of a cute handmade flower arrangement

In addition to selling items from your home, use your skills and talents to create things to sell to make money. Here are some of the most popular things you can make at home to sell.

37. Customized Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are a popular item that are easy to sell. Consider designing your own customized mugs or even use a print on-demand service to make them. You can set up an online store on Shopify in minutes to help promote your customized coffee mug business.

38. Your Recipes

Selling meals or catering is a great option to earn extra money if you enjoy cooking. Another way to make money is by creating a cookbook of your recipes to sell. Or perhaps you can start a food blog and make money through affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

39. Handmade Coasters

Coasters are a practical item that many people buy. If you’re artistic, consider making hand-painted drink coasters. You can sell your items at local craft fairs or start an online shop. Coasters are small enough to ship without spending a fortune on packaging.

40. Decorative Wreaths

Wreaths are festive items to enjoy all year round. Use your creativity to decorate wreaths for each season. You can make wreaths for Christmas, fall/Thanksgiving, Independence Day, spring, and many other occasions. Craft stores have the best materials to help you get started, and you can find basic tools at the dollar store. Sell your wreaths on Etsy or through a local marketplace site.

41. Your Handy Skills

When you have spare time, monetize your skills by completing short tasks for people, such as assembling furniture or mounting a TV. If you have experience in more advanced areas, like plumbing or HVAC, offer these services during your off days. You can advertise services with sites like TaskRabbit and that connect you to locals looking for help with their tasks.

42. Online Courses

Online courses are another way to make money. If you have a specific skill, research to see whether people are willing to pay to learn it. If you find other courses are being sold about the topic, odds are people will be interested in your course as well.

There are courses on all kinds of topics, like painting, gardening, investing, and career skills for workplace advancement. Build your course with platforms like Udemy, Teachable, or Thinkific.

43. E-books

Writing an e-book is a great way to earn passive income from your writing. You can write nonfiction or make up a fictional story and sell your book on Amazon through Kindle Direct publishing. Promote your e-book on your blog or social media pages.

44. Your Opinions

Get paid for your opinions by signing up for survey sites like Survey Junkie, Pinecone Research, and Opinion Outpost. These free survey sites will pay you cash or points per survey you complete. Most surveys take less than 20 minutes, and you can complete them whenever you have free time. The survey sites that compensate with points allow you to redeem those points for gift cards to popular retailers.

45. Printable Planners

If you love to set goals and help people stay organized, consider creating printable planning sheets to sell on Etsy. Design planners to help people stay on track with exercising, goal-setting, household chores, or any other topic that you think others will find helpful.

46. Photos

The photos on your phone or in your camera could be worth money. If you love taking pictures or have some photography experience, try selling them to stock image companies like DepositPhotos and iStock. These sites will pay you a flat rate to license and sell your image. Or you’ll get paid each time someone downloads your image.

47. Social Media Management Services

If you love spending time on social media and have some digital marketing experience, try offering social media management services to small businesses. You can get paid to manage their social media pages, create content, and boost engagement.

48. Bath Bombs and Bath Salts

Bath bombs and bath salts make a great gift, and they aren’t hard to make. There are several tutorials online that show you how to make bath bombs. Add essential oils to create calming scents. Sell these at local craft fairs and promote your products on social media.

49. T-shirts

Design T-shirts online using a platform like Teespring, then sell your designs to customers. Teespring makes it easy to set up your own T-shirt shop for selling your creations. You design everything digitally, then put them on merchandise like hoodies and sweatshirts. Teespring does deduct a fee for items you sell, but it’s small compared to all the benefits and exposure you get from the platform.

50. Tote Bags

Everyone can use a good tote bag. Use Printify to design tote bags and sell them on demand. Or you can buy bags at a wholesale price and sew designs and lettering onto them.

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