Looking to save on the hottest back-to-school brands like Crayola, JanSport or Nike?

You’re in the right spot. If you follow these tips, you’ll pay less on name brands than you’d spend on generics!

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1. Use Ibotta offers to get Crayola crayons for under stock-up prices.

Ibotta is a rebate app that gives you cash back via PayPal when you buy certain items and upload a picture of your receipt to the app.

A decent stock-up price for 24-count Crayola crayons is $0.50 each. But last year we saw these on sale for $0.50 each and then with an Ibotta rebate for “Any Item,” the crayons were only $0.25 per box!

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2. Buy Elmer’s glue at Walmart.

Last year we saw liquid Elmer’s glue and glue sticks on sale for stock-up prices. No coupons needed!

It’s no wonder Walmart is one of the cheapest places to buy school supplies.

Elmer’s 4 oz. liquid glue

  • Sale price: $0.50 each
  • Stock-up price: $0.50 each

Elmer’s glue sticks

  • Sale price: $0.23 each
  • Stock-up price: $0.25 each

Find the best Elmer’s glue deals.


3. Watch for Ticonderoga pencils at drugstores like Walgreens.

Most teachers believe all pencils are not created equal.

So, if you’re looking to get the good ones, it means you’re looking for a back-to-school brand like Ticonderoga.

Walgreens is the place to look — the past few years we’ve seen Ticonderoga pencils dip below stock-up prices — no coupons necessary! The sale price alone brought them to $0.10 each (compared to the stock-up price of $0.15 each).

Sign up for Walgreens’ Balance Rewards program to start earning 10 points for every $1 you spend. Every 1,000 points you earn converts to one dollar you can spend on school supplies.

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4. Buy Nike back-to-school shoes at the Nike Store in July during the Friends and Family Sale.

Nike is one of the most popular back-to-school brands around.

So, get ready to buy when you see this sale hit the Nike Store — you’ll get 30% off your entire purchase. This means you can get multiple pairs of Nike back-to-school shoes, each for 30% off.

Last year Nike.com also hosted a 20%-off clearance sale and there was Nike apparel galore for under $20 a pop.

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5. Buy Texas Instruments graphing calculators at Staples.

Texas Instruments is another back-to-school brand that’s probably on your older child’s list and they’re not cheap!

Since deals on these can be harder to come by, any time you can save at least $30 on a calculator that’s over a hundred bucks, it’s time to pull the trigger.

The past few years Staples has offered mid-July sales where you could find TI-84 calculators for $99.99 (reg. $119.99-$149.99), no coupons needed!

Find a legit calculator deal now.

TIP: If you don’t need all the bells and whistles of a TI calculator, you can find basic calculators at the dollar store. (And here are dozens more back-to-school brands you can find at the dollar store!)



6. Buy Under Armour apparel at T.J.Maxx and pay half-price.

T.J.Maxx is a hotspot for back-to-school brands like Under Armour. And savings on back-to-school clothes are crucial, especially if your kids like name brands.

There’s a lot of merchandise at T.J.Maxx, and most of it sells for at least 50% less than what you can find it for at Dick’s Sporting Goods or other competitors.

Here are more surprising brand names you’ll find at T.J.Maxx.


7. Buy Kleenex when it’s less than $0.75 per box at CVS, Walgreens or Target.

KCL’s stock-up price for Kleenex is $0.75 per box (100+ ct.). You can usually find it for that price at CVS, Walgreens or Target.

It takes some light coupon stacking, but nothing too hard. Look for Kleenex sales and Kleenex printables from KCL’s free coupon database or newspaper insert coupons and Ibotta rebates.

Last year, we combined a Kleenex coupon with a Target gift card promotion — “Buy two Kleenex multipacks and get a $5.00 Target gift card.”

Check out all the current Kleenex deals.


8. Look for 71% off JanSport Trans back-to-school backpacks at Target.

71% savings on anything is a great deal! And when you can get that savings margin on a back-to-school brand like JanSport, even better.

Last year at Target a few weeks after school began, JanSport Trans back-to-school backpacks prices fell to the ground during Target’s after-season clearance sale.

(Did you know there’s a method to Target’s clearance sale madness? Yep, there is. Find out Target’s clearance markdown schedule.)

Shop current JanSport backpack deals.


9. Buy kids’ Old Navy uniforms and jeans and save up to 60%.

If your child’s back-to-school clothes must include uniforms, don’t pass up Old Navy.

There are a few proven ways to save at Old Navy. For example, the past three years at the end of July or early August, Old Navy has hosted a “today only” sale where jeans are BOGO Free or 60% off.

Uniform polo shirts are only $5.00 each, and khakis are $10.00 each.

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