Having a hard time getting a grocery pickup slot? Chances are you’ll say yes!

I understand your frustration of not being able to grab groceries like “normal” and how challenging grocery pickup and delivery has become. Even after several weeks into the coronavirus pandemic, it’s still like a game of roulette with pickup slots.

Recently, I was fortunate to find a same-day opening on a Saturday when I visited Meijer’s website. While I had a bit of luck that go-round, I’ve had plenty of attempts that required some strategy. Here are my tips that’ll make getting a grocery pickup slot easier.

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1. Sign up for a grocery pickup time slot tracker.

Sign up for grocery pickup time slot tracking service like Curb Run. They check nearby stores about every five minutes and will message you when one’s available.

The app works with numerous grocery chains including Kroger, Wegmans, Fry’s Giant Eagle, and Food Lion and is free to use!


2. Create an account or sign in before you place your grocery pickup order.

If you’re a new shopper, create your online account before you begin to shop for a pickup order. Or if you aren’t, be sure to sign in.

Why? A few reasons:

  1. This way, the items you add to your cart can get saved under your account (most grocery websites have this function, like a wish list. This will save you from having to start all over if you can’t get a same-day pickup time, plus it’ll make it easier to order next time.
  2. Your coupons can be added to your order. If you don’t sign in, you don’t get the coupons.


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3. Order your groceries at midnight to get a spot.

I have ordered groceries during the late night/early morning hours without any trouble getting a pickup time. Although most stores don’t share when they refresh their grocery pickup slots, Walmart updates their grocery pickup slots between midnight and 7 a.m. local time.



4. Shop multiple stores to find out-of-stock items and save money.

Shop multiple stores to find out-of-stock items. High-demand items such as flour and toilet paper may be difficult to find, regardless.

You could also save money on your groceries when you shop multiple stores with a variety of store-specific deals and promos, just like the good ole days. With curbside pickup being free, all it costs you is time.

PRO TIP: Rebate apps such as Checkout 51 are now accepting all itemized grocery pickup and e-receipts for rebates from any retailer, including Walmart. And coupons are accepted at Kroger curbside pickup.


5. Clip or load your digital coupons to your loyalty card.

Digitally clip and add all your coupons to your loyalty card before you try to get a grocery curbside pickup slot. That way, you won’t have to mess with them while you’re trying to choose a pickup time and risk missing out.


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6. Check local restaurant distributors and specialty stores for pickup slots.

Check local restaurant distributors or specialty grocery stores for curbside pickup availability and times. I was able to do curbside pickup from my local “mom & pop” grocery store the same day when I didn’t have any luck with the chain stores.

BONUS: When you shop at your local store, you’ll support small businesses during this challenging time.


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